Joel Brown

a developer with lots of design experience...


I am a developer.

I started out as a designer over a decade ago working in print. Times changed and I began designing for the web, not building it, but trying to make it look pretty.

Seeing the web as the future of the industry for me, I took some courses for development, basic html at the time, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to be enough. Since then I have continuously enrolled or re-enrolled in various schools or programs to increase my education and understanding in interactive web and mobile design and development. The latest installment of self initiated learning was at Sheridan College in the Interactive Multimedia Post Grad program.

Hello, I am Joel Brown... interactive developer for web, mobile, game and installations. I have worked in HTML, CSS, PHP, Unity3D, AS3, Processing and more. I am me... only version 2.0!

Web Development:

Smithsonian Channel in Canada

The Smithsonian Channel - Canada's version

I was part of a team of 2 developers that made this site for the Launch of the Smithsonian Channel in Canada. My specific tasks were to gather and manipulate data from sources like Bightcove for the video content and also gather the data for the schedules.

Built with PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and JSON.

Visit: The Smithsonian Channel to see it.

Cosmic Vista on Oasis HD

Cosmic Vista

Designed by one of the team, Cosmic Vista presented a bit of a usablitiy challenge the the designer and I got to talk about. We both understood the issue of navigation and worked together to produce this interactive experience to supplement the programming on the channel.

Built with Javascript, HTML, CSS, CSS Animations and JSON.

Visit: Cosmic Vistas to see it.

Cities in Blue - Blues of the states

Cities In Blue

From B.B. King to T-Bone Walker, I was asked to create an experience to showcase some of the influential Blues artists and where they came from. It was also build to augment content produced for TV and in the process, I learned more about my favourite genre of music.

Built with Javascript, HTML, CSS and JSON.

Visit: Cities In Blue to see it.


FITC Augmented Reality game

Client: FITC

Shawn Pucknell from FITC came in looking for something cool.

He was looking for something that wouldn’t require registration, could be experienced in less than 2 minutes, didn’t need floor space at the FITC Conference and was on the cutting edge of Future thinking, Innovation, Technology and Creativity.

A small team of 5 designer/developers, Christian, Diette, Alex, Westley and I developed an augmented reality first person shooter game that would encourage people at the conference to interact with the new branding of FITC...

Mobile Augmented Reality game play... we think it fits the requirements. Built in Unity3D using Vuforia. Fun!

Bomber Run Mobile Game

Bomber Run

A game that I am developing based on WW1 Bomber Pilots.

Some of the information that I gathered indicated that anything that could be dropped on the enemy became a munition to be dropped... and it could be a grenade or a brick.

The plane is controlled by the mobile device’s accelerometer for speed and mobility.

I plan to build a dog fighting level, “shoot the Zeppelin” level and land target bombing level. As of right now, there is a practice level that counts how many missiles you have dropped and how many target you have hit... accuracy counts... good luck.

Currently playable on iOS, Android and Playbook.

Primo Parked

Primo Parked

Designed to make life easier without making the user look or feel stupid.

Primo Parked is a concept application designed to keep track of where you parked just in case you forget. It happens, it's called life.

The final product will work with NFC and Google Maps to store where you parked without you having to put that data in yourself. Additional information will include how much parking cost and when you were there.

This prototype is built with HTML, CSS and Javascript and could be completed with PhoneGap.

jQuery proof of concept

Igloo Fest Mobile

Using jQuery mobile, PHP device detection, mySQl database, I wanted to try to create an "app" with a native look and feel.

I needed figure out which device you were using and deliver the right content formatted for your device.

you can try it here: moblie version only
divice identification test is here.

Enter the #: 12345, 22345, 32345, 42345, 52345 or anything else you would like... it will tell you if you have done something wrong.

This is not a contest, there are no prises... it's a jQuery proof of concept for myself. Best seen on a smart phone...


VisiComp Sound visualizer


This is a sound visualizer based on the work that Branden Hall & Joshua Davis started.

Sound visualizers work with a song that is fed into it. I wanted to allow the user to create sound compositions by loading in different loops and then see what they looked like.

The visualizer works on frequencies. Each range is represented by a different colour.

To use this, you’ll need to have some sound loops on your machine, if you don’t have any, you can download a small selection here.


Other stuff:

red Dragon Guitar Fretless Bass

Outside the office...

Creativity doesn't just happen in front of a computer or at the office. There needs to be balance.

A part of that for me is making physical things, like the two guitars shown here. No previous experience, just some plans, access to some tools and a willingness to try to create something that is a head turner every time I take it out of it's case.

They have been to various music stores in Toronto and that is exactly what they do... usually followed by "who made that?".

I did, and these ones aren't for sale.